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Harmony Gold Mining Learnerships 2021-2022

Harmony is looking for gifted young individuals who fit easily into their rainbow culture. People with ambitions and abilities, people with a great attitude and big dreams, just like them. Do you have a thirst for learning and a keen enthusiasm for your chosen career path?

Harmony gold is everything related to gold, from mining to processing. They value all their employees and know that everyone has a role to play. For the Harmony Gold Mining learnerships program, they are looking for talented people with zeal, determination, passion and courage to learn.

Harmony Gold is committed to providing high quality learnerships by developing the skills of each successful candidate. They focus on performance, strategy and productivity. Their employees are rewarded individually or as a team at all levels for their work and results. They offer successful candidates a three-year curriculum that covers all activities in their field.

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Harmony gold mining learnerships available

Harmony Gold offers successful custom development and training candidates in all areas of their learnerships. Their goal is to increase the skills of talented individuals through skills training, leadership development and supervisory leadership.

The learnerships offered may include the following:

Human resources
Mining and quarry
Management of ore reserves
Rock breakers
Minerals resourdes
Boilermarking / plaster

Harmony gold mining learnerships: requirements

The learnerships opportunities offered by Harmony Gold will not be the same, and will largely depend on the field of study you are applying to. However, there are some agreements that all candidates should have.

The basic requirements are:

  • You must be a citizen of South Africa
  • Candidates must have a valid ID
  • All candidates must have completed grade 12 / matrix (technically dependent on industry)
  • Candidates must have qualifications in the field of application
  • Candidates must have adequate language skills
  • Candidates must have their own transport
  • All candidates must be medically fit

Competencies may differ from one area to another, but candidates should be able to:

  • Communicate effectively all the time
  • Follow all operating procedures
  • Always follow the practices, standards and system techniques
  • Be prepared to perform the necessary backup duties
  • Work effectively as part of a team
  • Always follow safety and health protocols
  • Be prepared to work “extraordinarily” if necessary

Depending on the opportunities available in the business, candidates may be offered a permanent position at the end of their training. This is not guaranteed, but it can be offered to successful candidates.

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Harmony Gold Mining Learnerships: Applications

The Harmony Gold learnerships application is available online at their website. Interested candidates can find such opportunities via the Careers tab.

By scrolling down, candidates can find learning opportunities right below the career level. If you check the box next to the training in this section and select ‘Go’, candidates will be guided to their current learnership positions. Candidates can then find and apply for more information by clicking on the “View Details” box in red.

However, candidates who wish to apply must also establish and apply for a profile with the business. Candidates can also do this by selecting the “Apply Now” button, which is outlined in the training section.

Applications can also be sent via e-mail or fax with the application form: 086 588 9504. Each application must also include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, certified copies of all qualifications and academic papers, as well as a personal identity document of the candidates.

Harmony Gold Mining Learnerships: Closing date

The closing dates will vary depending on the level of learnerships, industry and need within the business.

Successful candidates will have to undergo a medical examination through the Occupational Health Center. The company will contact all shortlisted candidates. If candidates do not receive correspondence from the business within three months of completing the learnership training, candidates may consider it a sign that their application was unsuccessful.

Successful candidates may also be required to be interviewed before the learnership contract is concluded. Good luck to all candidates.

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