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How to Use Your Facebook Profile as Your CV

Is your Facebook profile helping or hurting your job search?

Facebook has become one of the primary targets for businesses looking to hire a new team member. Whether it’s being used as a follow-up to an application or interview, search tool for finding the best fit, or as an investigative and research platform, hiring managers are using Facebook to learn more about applicants. This makes the idea of using Facebook as a social media CV quite intriguing.

Let’s dive deeper into how to build a CV on Facebook.

1.Career experience and education

Facebook offers users the ability to list career information and use the platform as a social media CV. This platform helps connect applicants with more businesses through tagging. When you list your company’s name, it automatically connects you to that company’s page, allowing future employers to see who you’ve worked for in a new light.

Treat each job and position as you would on a resume. Don’t place silly descriptions or rude comments. Instead, display your notable contributions and key achievements. Additionally, take advantage of the projects tool. Use this tool to list each notable contribution and key project you worked on. Limit the number of projects to five or six. You don’t want to prevent hiring managers from seeing your other accomplishments.

2.Skills section

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of Facebook. The skills area, located slightly below the education section, is used to list skills. These skills are automatically tagged in Facebook’s search engine. Meaning, if you list dog walking as a skill and potential employers search for dog walkers on Facebook, bingo, your name appears.

Source: Topresume.com

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