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Implats Impala Learnerships 2021-2022

It is known that this mining company is one of the largest suppliers of platinum and all platinum related metals in the world as it produces about a quarter of the world’s platinum. They have mining operations in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This mining group has been in operation since mid-1969 and over time has only grown stronger and larger. They employ more than 40,000 people and regularly employ contract staff. This mining group believes that education is key to closing the poverty gap and providing skilled workers in all areas.

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Implats Impala learnerships available

By setting up Implats Impala learnerships opportunities, interested candidates offer a number of areas to consider, but all are related to mining. This mining company still has some learnership programs, but reduces it because they prefer to offer scholarships. They believe that workers with the right training can enter a sufficiently skilled workforce to do what they need.

The fields that may be available include the following and more:

Fitter and Turner
Human resources
Engineering – Most fields

Imlats Impala learnerships: requirements

Most of the requirements for Implats Impala learnerships programs contain the basics as outlined below. Some fields may have additional requirements. This is usually included in the application form, and applicants must ensure that they are suitable for everyone to apply.

Basic rules:

  • Applicants must be South African citizens
  • Must have a valid ID document
  • Everyone must have a valid Matric or standard  10 certificate
  • Must be successful in math with an average of 40% or higher than SG – average in some areas
  • Everyone should have completed 40% or above-average Physics – it may be higher in some areas
  • Applicants must possess excellent communication skills
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Everyone should be able to work as part of a team and individually
  • Applicants must pass a medical fitness test, heat tolerance test and any other assessment in the field of application.

This company offers a monthly scholarship to candidates and may include the usual benefits of the business. They do not usually provide food, accommodation and transport unless otherwise stated. Applicants must have certified copies of all documents and not send originals. It is also recommended that you submit a complete resume and a letter of recommendation with your application.

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Implats Impala learnerships: application

Implats Impala learnerships applications can be accessed on their website online once the applications are open. These applications will be placed on their careers page with all relevant information. All applicants must ensure that they submit the application form with certified documentation on time, so that late applications, incomplete applications and missing applications are not considered.

Implats Impala learnerships: End date

The end date for impala training vary each year, depending on the area and the needs of the mines in different operations. Their learnerships is advertised annually in newspapers, magazines and online.

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