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Metro Police Learnerships 2021-2022

About the metro police

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), known as the South African Municipal Police, is the territorial police force responsible for the application of the law. It was enacted under section 206 (7) of the South African Constitution and section 64 (e) of the South African Police Service Act. The municipal police in South Africa exist completely independent of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and are funded and held accountable by local or city governments.

Further details on the establishment of a municipal police service can be found in the South African Police Service Amendment Act 1998. 83. The law provides that any municipality (urban or rural, large or small) may apply to a municipal police service in set. The Metropolitan Police Service of South Africa (municipal police) currently operating is Johannesburg metro police, Cape Town metro police, Ethekwini metro police, Nelson Mandela Bay metro police, Tshwane metro police and Ekurhuleni metro police.

In South African cities, municipalities are often referred to as ‘metropolitan councils’, so residents in these cities refer to ‘metro police’. The abbreviation “MPS” is used, whether it refers to municipal or metropolitan services or MPD to the police department.

The powers and responsibilities of the South African Police for Local Government are more limited than those of the South African Police Service. The municipal police are responsible for the application of traffic laws and the application of local municipal laws. They also work with the South African Police Service to prevent crime and to maintain law and order. Under section 64E of the SAPS Act, the functions specified in the Municipal Police Service Act are:

* Traffic control
* Monitoring of municipal by-laws and regulations
* Crime prevention

Although the first two functions are very clear, some people are misleading about the concept of “crime prevention” because PSPs need to be involved or responsible for all forms of crime prevention, including:

* Primary prevention of potential offenders and victims
* Secondary prevention in those who are already defined as victims or offenders
* Tertiary prevention in the general public

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This assumption suggests that the crime prevention functions of the Council are centralized in the PSP. Others believe that PSPs will only participate in traditional crime prevention policies, based on the idea that the presence of uninformed police officers will only deter crime, thus highlighting visible policing strategies such as patrols.

There is no criminal investigation by municipal police forces. Anyone arrested by the municipal police on suspicion of committing a criminal offense should be transferred to the SAPS office as soon as possible.

Metro police learnerships

Candidates interested in applying for Metro Police Learnerships will need to sign an 18-month training program contract for the year 2019-2020. The new generation offers all opportunities that include scholarships, internships and training. Specifically, they have an offer for those interested in joining the police force – the Metro Police Education Program.

Learnership is a vocational education and training program that combines theory and practice and culminates with a qualification registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Study programs are designed for students who have not yet obtained a higher qualification. The goal is to train them so they can work in the future. Educational opportunities are advertised in newspapers when available.

The total duration of the training program is 18 months, which consists of 12 (twelve) months of training as a traffic officer and 6 (six) months of training in the police skills program. Pupils are subject to the terms of the training contract and are awarded a monthly allowance in accordance with the territorial policy.

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To be fully admitted to the Metro Police Training Program, candidates must undergo the following recruitment process.

* Assessment of physical fitness
* Back grading
* Psychometric evaluation (if necessary)
* Medical research
* English prerequisite (if required)
* Fingerprint and proficiency test

Admission candidates are subject to the terms of the training contract and are prepared for intensive training, even after classes. Pupils will be trained in aspects of National Road Traffic Law and Regulations, legal topics, SAPS legislation, statutes, domestic violence law, social crime prevention law, firearms training, etc.

Please note that permanent service is not guaranteed upon completion of the training.

General requirements for metro police learnerships

To be admitted to the metro police learnerships program, candidates must first assess whether they meet the following requirements.

* South African citizen with a valid RSA ID – Attach a certified copy of your ID.
* Resides in the metropolitan area of ​​the metro police department to which the applicant is applying to study – proof of residence and proof must be attached.
* 18 to 35 years old
* Hold a valid senior certificate (class 12) or matrix – attach a certified copy of such certificate.
* Submit a comprehensive and updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
* Physically and mentally healthy, proven by an original medical certificate.
* No criminal records or illegal activities are recorded; fingerprints will be taken for examination of the criminal record.
* Not declared unfit to possess a firearm under Sections 102, 103 or 104 of the Firearms Control Act 60/2000.
Knowledge of English
* Must have at least a valid B-code driver’s license (manual transmission) – attach a certified copy of the license.
* Reliable, honest, patient, with a positive attitude and able to work under pressure and in all weather and ski hours.

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How to apply for metro police learnerships

Persons interested in participating in the Metro Police learnerships can apply online at the relevant Metro Police Department website. Applications will not be processed unless the required qualifications and documents are attached to the online application. Applicants may be required to provide evidence of the level of GNI applicable to their qualifications.

Application documents should not be faxed or emailed, otherwise they will not be accepted.

Applicants who are notified only eight weeks after the filing date must be considered unsuccessful in submitting their application.

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